Dr. Anirban Ganguly

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat – resolve and realization

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for an Atma Nirbhar Bharat – a self-dependent – India is not a claptrap; it is a call for a comprehensive civilizational self-renewal.

Amphan is Mamata Banerjee’s reverse Aila Moment

Amphan is Mamata Banerjee’s Aila moment, and she has displayed the same brazenness, the same arrogance, the same failures and the same disconnect that the Left Front had displayed a decade ago leading to its complete debacle in 2011

Communists Wail over Migrant Workers’ Plight having destroyed West Bengal’s Industries & Agriculture

The CPIM’s “tears” today for migrant workers therefore smacks of hyper hypocrisy. By destroying states in which they have ruled, by destroying local industries in states in which they have been in power, the CPIM has decimated support systems and has gradually turned entire generations into migrants.

Re-Stating the Other Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, like a number of his illustrious contemporaries was richly multi-dimensional. Some dimensions of his personality have been emphasized, while others have been allowed to be conveniently marginalized.

Stealing Grains – PDS Scam and TMC’s Politics of Pandemics in West Bengal

“News crept in… that villagers were getting mobilised against corruption in the public distribution system (PDS). They marched to the local ration dealer’s house, demanded compensation, negotiated fines; in some places people turned violent, assaulted dealers, ransacked their property or torched their houses. In some cases the police retaliated,

Pillar of strength & stability

The recent terror crackdown in Bangladesh under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s dispensation continues to demonstrate her determination to cleanse the system of the poison that has long plagued Bangladeshi society and polity and had become especially acute in the last few years. Hasina’s persistence with the War Crime Trials, despite unfair and unwarranted international pressure

Crypto-Totalitarians Prevent Narendra Modi from Speaking in Parliament

When genuflecting intellectuals with cleverly concealed dynastic loyalties write with a clear political objective of denigrating a particular personality, they are explained away – by a section – as genuine scholars. While posing to be neutral assessors of Indian politics, these types have