Why West Bengal Unwilling to get back her Migrants: Data, Details & Derivation of Reasons

The State is known for sending a huge number of labourers to other States of India who predominantly work in the unorganized sector. According to Census 2011, 1.8 crores of Bengali speaking persons stay outside West Bengal which is 19% of total number of Bengali speaking persons in India.

COVID-19 and Bengal politics : A tale of negligence and appeasement

The COVID-19 pandemic was first confirmed in the Indian state of West Bengal on 18 March 2020 in Kolkata. The Health and Family Welfare department of Government of West Bengal has confirmed 522 active cases, 22 deaths and 119 recoveries, as of 28 April 2020, with the largest number of cases coming from the Kolkata Metropolitan region

Re-Stating the Other Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, like a number of his illustrious contemporaries was richly multi-dimensional. Some dimensions of his personality have been emphasized, while others have been allowed to be conveniently marginalized.

Stealing Grains – PDS Scam and TMC’s Politics of Pandemics in West Bengal

“News crept in… that villagers were getting mobilised against corruption in the public distribution system (PDS). They marched to the local ration dealer’s house, demanded compensation, negotiated fines; in some places people turned violent, assaulted dealers, ransacked their property or torched their houses. In some cases the police retaliated,

April 2020: The month of corona controversy in Bengal

So how did the COVID story go in West Bengal over the last month? The following screenshots collected from “COVID Tracker” (which goes by central and State official disclosures) on April 3 and May 3 give some – but not all – idea about it.

Rahul must provide evidences how BJP-RSS got Gauri Lankesh Killed!

When the media and civil society are agitated over killing of Journalist-cum-activist Gauri Lankesh, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t fail to amuse. He said, those who speak against BJP and RSS are killed.” To score political brownie point, he makes political statements but when it’s a

Pillar of strength & stability

The recent terror crackdown in Bangladesh under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s dispensation continues to demonstrate her determination to cleanse the system of the poison that has long plagued Bangladeshi society and polity and had become especially acute in the last few years. Hasina’s persistence with the War Crime Trials, despite unfair and unwarranted international pressure

Budget that cheers all sections

The first set of Budget proposals after the world’s biggest demonetisation drive are also the best tabled by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley so far. They are far-sighted, bold, and impressive. This Budget also represents several firsts. It is the first that does not distinguish between plan and

Right direction to learning

The Chandrababu Naidu-led Andhra Pradesh Government’s move to make English compulsory in municipal schools will be a feather in the cap to the now improving learning levels in schools, especially in rural areas. In fact, the decision is in line with the recommendations made by a

The Case of Barahoti

During the annual Army Commanders’ Conference held at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, one of the topics addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the three Service Chiefs was the infrastructure development along the borders with China and Pakistan.