Dubious propaganda against Hindus in Kerala

During an interaction with our team, Latha, the victim’s wife, told us that the day this incident happened, his husband, KP Laxman, was just about to close his shop. It was around 6:15 in the evening when four armed men arrived on two scooters outside his shop. She said, “They took my

A Fascist Mindset Rules West Bengal

The Trinamool Congress regime in West Bengal led by Mamata Banerjee is exuding increasingly fascistic traits, the latest being the attacks orchestrated by the TMC against BJP workers in the state. Throughout the evening of 3rd January, TMC workers went on a rampage across Kolkata, attacked

The Audacity of Belief

The first set of electoral results since the Prime Minister’s demonetization program came and went without much of a mention from the media. In case anyone was checking, they were decisively in favor of the BJP – bypoll wins in MP and Assam, surging in vote share in Tripura and handsome

Crypto-Totalitarians Prevent Narendra Modi from Speaking in Parliament

When genuflecting intellectuals with cleverly concealed dynastic loyalties write with a clear political objective of denigrating a particular personality, they are explained away – by a section – as genuine scholars. While posing to be neutral assessors of Indian politics, these types have

Nehru’s advisor and Tibet’s tragic fate

In recent weeks, senior Congress leaders have copiously criticized the Prime Minister and ‘advised’ him on what he should do (or have done) on every subject on earth, starting by the fight against corruption; however as far as ‘advice’ is concerned, the Congress does not have a great track record.

Monumental betrayal of Bengal, its values

The State faces an existential and identity crisis, with the growth of Jihadism and rabid Islamist lumpens aided and supported by the party in power. It poses a severe challenge to the well-being of the State itself.

Striking hard at the culture of illegality

The demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 was a bold move, and the decision received an overwhelming response from the public. The complete failure of Bharat Bandh on November 28 and the election results of municipal

Ruckus over identification certificate to west Pakistan ‘refugees’ is motivated

It has been a long journey for the refugees from west Pakistan since 1947 when they migrated from Pakistan’s Punjab province, braving the bloodbath of Partition to settle down in the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir with a hope for a better future here. Sadly, for them, conditions are no better —

Communist Violence : Stifling popular support though violence in Payyanur

A mob of approximately 40 people surrounded his house, which is within one kilometre of CK Ramchandran’s house at around 00:30 am the same night Ramachandran was attacked, and started hurling local bombs on his house. They came on bikes and asked Rajesh to come out from the

Even singing national anthem is a problem!

International cultural events hosted by countries in the world are platforms for the host nations to showcase their rich heritage and traditions. The guests are treated with respect and love. India, in spite of many shortcomings as a developing economy, treats the guests with respect and affection